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Each client has Service Level Requirements (SLR's) that every CSP working their program must meet or exceed. These SLR's can be found in section 7.1 of your SOW. Most of the time, these SLR's are the requirement for whats called Preselect.

What is Preselect?

Preselect is a process of assigning each Agent servicing the program a category within Starmatic that will affect the initial cap, max cap, and time you are able to select hours and is based on metrics (SLR's) usually based on a rolling 30 day period. (Please check with your PF on the time frame as it can vary by client) Your preselect level can change on a weekly basis (also varies by client). The better your metrics, the higher the level of preselect you will get.

How does it work?

Most clients categories are Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and General levels with Platinum being the highest level and General being the lowest. The higher the level of Preselect you are on, the more hours you have available to you to choose from. For example: Platinum level CSP's will get first dibs on the hours the first day the schedule is released. Their initial cap (the total amount of hours they are able to select the first day) will be higher than the other levels. Being on Platinum gives you the best opportunity to get exactly the times/intervals you want. Then, the next day, (varies by client as well) you will be able to pick additional hours up to your Max cap at a specific time before everyone else. Some clients will open up the schedule to all categories the second day at the same time as where others do not. Please check with your PF if you are unsure. 

So with keeping the pattern; Gold, Silver, Bronze, and General would be able to select hours at different times the first day in order of highest to lowest level. So the lower the level you are, the lesser the hours you will have available to choose from and may end up with just whatever is left. So this is why it is at the upmost importance that you get on a higher level of preselect. 

Example of how preselect might go for your client:

Platinum - Selects hours at 12pm EST and is able to select 20 hours the first day

Gold - Selects hours at 2pm EST and is able to select 15 hours the first day

Silver - Selects hours at 4pm EST and is able to select 10 hours the first day

Bronze - Selects hours at 6pm EST and is able to select 5 hours the first day

General - Selects hours last at 8pm EST and is able to select 5 hours the first day. 

How do I get on preselect?

It's easy! All you have to do it stay on top of your metrics. If you are not meeting your metrics, you can meet with your PF to discuss how you can improve your metrics or you can reach out to Melissa, and we can get you with someone who is working the same program and on preselect to help guide you on how to improve. 

Please click on a client name below to view your clients current Preselect qualifications. If your client is not underlined below, that means it is not currently linked to a page with qualification information and please check back as we are updating as we get the information. 







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