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Preselect Performance Boosts!

Intervals Serviced Monday - FRIDAY 4PM - 8PM EST

15+ INTERVALS                           TWO LEVELS UP!

10 - 14.99 INTERVALS               ONE LEVEL UP!

Commitment Adherence Levers

CA >= 90%                                   ONE LEVEL UP!

RR%  10% - 14.99%                   ONE LEVEL DOWN

RR%  >= 15%                               LEVEL DOWN - AMBER

*CSI, AHT and Intervals Serviced are from the servicing week prior to post releases.

**CA% is based on a rolling 30 day; Platinum category is only available if CA% is >=90%.

***Amber category used for performance-related restrictions with max cap between 1 - 5 hours available. This includes releasing intervals during lock-down, not completing mandatory up-skills, or failure to meet with your assigned QAPF for urgent feedback.

AHT Performance Levers

AHT >470                                     ONE LEVEL DOWN

NOC >100                                    ONE LEVEL DOWN

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