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Be aware the initial and max caps are examples and they may vary week over week according to CCHS needs.   We lift the max caps if there is urgent service available. 


Preselect is based on the prior week performance.   The primary criteria is driven by AHT -  below are the different preselect categories based on the agent’s AHT.


We provide bump ups or down based on other factors –30 day CA over 90% moves preselect up and prior week QA if below 75%, preselect goes down.


Example:    AHT is 613, QA prior week is 73% and 30 day CA is 90% = AHT, Bronze> QA, bump down to Certification>30 day CA,  Bump up  to Bronze.


                     AHT is 613, QA is 76% and CA is 91%= AHT, Bronze> QA, no impact (remains in Bronze)>30 day CA, bump up (Silver).


In addition, sometimes we will give agents a bump up in preselect if they join the Info sessions for QA or AHT.  In the case above the agent who  in Bronze goes to a session, he/she can move up to Gold.   


Note: In order to achieve Platinum the agent must be at Gold level and achieve 95% or above in 30 day CA.  We cannot provide a bump up in preselect to Platinum if agent is at Gold level and does not have 95% in 30 day CA.

Great Performance Yields - Great Rewards

Metric          Goal          Weight

AHT              <575          100%

CA                 >=90%     BUMP UP

QA                <75%        BUMP DOWN

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