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Stop the drop

So you just certified with your client and it's time to start working. You start servicing and you are having difficulties or you think that this client just isn't right for you. Everyone goes through this when they first get out of training. The first few weeks, we know you are not going to be at the top of your game and have the best metrics. Arise understands this too. From time to time, there will be system issues. The systems aren't perfect and will need some maintenance done to them.

We understand that you want to do your best and get everything right. At first you will make mistakes, everyone does. You need to give yourself sometime to learn and try the client out. Things will get better with time and the more you service. After a while, if you feel like the client just isn't working out or you are just not liking the client, then it may be time to find another client. Just like with any other job, it is best to find another client and certify with them before quitting your current client. Here is why. If you self terminate your SOW, you will have to wait 30 days before enrolling with another client.

Some people think, "Ok, I don't like this client so I am just not going to work." Let me tell you why this isn't a good idea. If you do not work and you get 0 stars for 4 weeks in a row or the client notices you are just not working, they will terminate your SOW. If the client or Arise terminates your SOW, you will have to wait 4-6 months before you will be able to select another client.

The best solution to this issue is to at least work your minimum hours with the current client while you look for another client, attend training, and certify. Once you certify and start servicing the new client, you can self terminate your current SOW and not have to worry about the wait period.

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