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How to downgrade Internet Explorer

If you are new to WAHS and Arise you may not know this already, but Arise only supports Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9. If you are using anything other than Internet Explorer or a different version than what is suppiorted, you may come across several Issues. Here's how to solve those issues.

You want to make sure that you are only using a supported verison of Internet Explorer but how do you do this? If you open an Internet Explorer browser, you can click on 'Help" up on the bar where you also find 'File' and then select 'About Internet Explorer' from the drop down menu. It will pop up a small window that tells you what version you currently have installed.

From time to time, your computer will do those annoying but helpful updates either while you are using your computer or when you are trying to shut down. Chances are, Internet Explorer is being updated to the latest version during these updates and since only versions 8 and 9 are supported, we have to fix this so we don't encounter issues later. So here is step-by-step on how to do this.

Windows XP, 7, OR 8:

1. Go to Start and the your Control panel.

2. Once in Control Panel, select (depending on your view) either Programs:

Or you may see this:

The ultimate goal is to get to Programs and Features.

3. Once in Programs and Features, you will need to select 'View Installed Updates' from the left hand side.

4. You will want to let the programs load. This could take a few seconds to a few minutes, so be patient. Once they load, you will need to find Internet Explorer.

5. As you can see, I have Internet Explorer 11 which is not supported by Arise, so I need to downgrade. Once you find Internet Explorer and determine it is the wrong version, you will click on it once and then click 'Uninstall '. NOTE: This will NOT completely uninstall Internet Explorer, only the update. You may have to do this twice to get back to version 8 or 9.

It will have you restart your computer to apply the changes. If you have Internet Explorer 11 like me, you will need to verify the version again once your computer boots up and if needed, repeat the steps.

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